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 Kathleen Geno Fury pilot

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The day was bright as cars zoomed along the highway that now completely dominated the planets surface. It was a early morning hour traffic as people in their cars sat behind their wheels honking at each other trying to get to work or to another town or anywhere for that matter. In the small parks near people moved back and forth as couples laughed and children played. As the day became night the streets were suddenly empty. The highway only a few cars moved between towns as everyone seemed to be gathered at a stadium in the middle of the planet.
As people cheered and children talked about heir favorite pilots the center of the field light up as flashes of color danced along the sand. In the middle of the colors explosions could be heard and giant machine like creatures called zoids moved in-between the explosions of colors and flashes of lights as they battled each other in a attempt to see who was better. One such child was watching the battle a small girl by the name of Kathleen. She was only five at the time and she loved to watch zoids in battle. Her dreams were to one day to be the best pilot around she dreamed of having the strongest of all the zoids.

That was many years ago and things chance with years. The high way no longer stands as a symbol of unity on Planet Z, but rather marked as a attempt at something that would never happen. Battles now were held all over the place as two armies clashed over the right to who and who didn’t rule the planet. Mercenaries moved along with greedy expressions as they kept the war effort going feeding off the profit they earned from it. Bandits took to the skies and the seas as they took out towns and villages for their own selfish amusement. The planet was once more in chaos. Zoids who used to battle only for sport were now used as machines of war and people, children, women or anyone who stood in the militaries way were slaughtered. The war had begun after a major clash of two sides. One a newly crowned royal officer the other the president of the zoids battle foundation. No one actually knows why they started fighting and what over, but since than the two sides have been at constant battling and it doesn’t look as though a end is in site.

Somewhere in the middle of the battlegrounds the same little girl that used to watch the zoids battle in the arena so many years ago was now a young beautiful women. With her dark red hair and her brilliant green eyes so was a master at battling with her current favorite zoids the black Geno Fury. It was a excellent zoid modeled after the Berserk Fury and the Geno Breaker. It’s main weapon was the charged particle gun, but it also had incredible close combat and long distance weapons. Though it did have it’s weaknesses like all zoids it wasn’t perfect. Along with her zoid she also possessed a organoid she had named Berserker. He looked like the Berserk fury though she wasn’t even sure why, but she never complained he was the best partner she had ever had.

She was not just any mercenary, she was one of the best, but unlike the others who only wanted money she just wanted the fighting to end. She worked for anyone who hired her and had a good reason to. She had a pleasant personality and loved to help others, but she wasn’t one to underestimate cause on the battle field whether in her zoid or outside of it she was a very skilled opponent. Her weapon that she was a master of wasn’t like most soldiers which was a gun of some sort, but rather a double-bladed sword. She hats fighting for the reason of just the reason of fighting and only prefers to fight when there is a good purpose behind it. She looked about 20 and had long dark red hair that reached past her shoulders. She wore when not in battle a t-shirt and jeans, but when in battle she wore a flight suit that is directly linked to both Berserker and her Geno Fury. It is dark blueish black in color and protected her from bullet shot up to her chest.
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Kathleen Geno Fury pilot
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