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 Rules listen..obey!!!!

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Rules listen..obey!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Rules listen..obey!!!!   Rules listen..obey!!!! Icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 3:38 pm

Okay here are some rules for this particular set of forums.

1) Keep the one subject in the area it belongs in means no role play unless in the role play section.

2) Keep it pg-13 want that stuff well we got im for that use it wisely.

3) No disrespecting anyone or argueing do not make me be forced to intervein cause I will in a heartbeat.

4) I ask you use proper grammer at best, even i'm not a perfect speller, but still keep it where ever can understand you please.

5) No picking on anyone or bullying I will ban you or kick you out.

6) Have fun jeez!!!

More rules to follow based on what happens depends on new rules please stay active
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Rules listen..obey!!!!
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