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 Drake my dragon

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PostSubject: Drake my dragon   Drake my dragon Icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 4:14 pm

Drake walked among the scarred land frowning under his cloak his red eyes hidden in the shadows as he prepared to leave this land for one which was more peaceful. He pulled off his cloak to reveal short, grey white hair and his features that of a elf or something similar his expression blank to the chaos around him as he left what remains of his father’s land and set off to find a much better living.

As he entered the forest he pulled aside his cloak to reveal dark tan pants and a tunic over a long sleeved shirt cut in many places from the recent battles. On his arms he wore fingerless gloves black with a small gem in the middle of each. On his waist he wore two daggers that had bright red blades and a red gem in the middle of the cross guard hilt.

Once he crossed into a desert he smirked and showed fangs and suddenly jumped into the air his transformation faster than most dragons at his age. His dragon form was that of a light blue color. His wings were twice the size of his body and were a dark red color. On his front feet he wore a black armor that went over his large golden claws; on his back feet he wore a similar set. Around his face he wore another set of black armor this one scared on either side with red going along the side his grey white hair along grew along his neck now. On his chest he wore a white armor on his belly also scared in many places and as it reach his back it turn a onyx like color.

He flicked his tail and grinned showing his fang and dived into the air glad to be free from his father’s ruling where there was nothing but war and treasure. He searched along the badlands hoping to find a place to sleep for the night. He landed by a small pond and laid down to rest hoping to someday to find maybe a mate and have a family.

He is one of the nicer dragons rather than using elements his abilities with his claws and fangs exceed most and he is an expert healer having learned from the best of the dragons and he loves to learn new things. He is also the best of the dragons at using his human form able to kill a horde of demons and one dragon once in his human form without a scratch on him, but he dislikes fighting and prefers to settle things peacefully if possible and refuses to fight in his dragon form because of it and will only fight while human.
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Drake my dragon
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