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 Shinomori Aoshi

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Name: Shinomori Aoshi
Age: 156 in vampire years, looks 28 in human years
Race Japanese/vampire
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: Kodachi, plus his use of the martial arts Kempo
Vampiric abilities: able to walk up walls straight up, flight when angry, speed (given)
Vampiric element: Ice, due to his eye color and his demenor
Bio: Born in the month of January of 1853, taught the Oniwabanshu princibles as child to grow into a man with a very cruel past that none seem to understand. Once a cool, calm and collected man, he would know what to do in the heat of a battle in when was to araise, but the Oniwabanshu never as a battle in the Bakumatsu with great disappointment. Aoshi and four others set to find work, they found work under Takeda Kanryu, but time went on when it was found that the man they were working for was making opium, Kenshin goes to save a woman forced to make the opium from Takeda. Time passes and a new threat araises, and that threat was Shishio, Aoshi had since buried his four friends that died that saved his life, it took Kenshin to make him open his eyes to the truth and quite bluntly with a sakabato. Aoshi took the oppertunity to buy time for Kenshin to recover and to defeat Shishio, then later to help defeat Yukishiro Enishi and his faction. Two years later, Aoshi was attacked only to be poisoned, to only save his life was to turn him into a vampire, in which what he is today trying to use his power to help humanity and not hurt the innocent lives.
Pic: (Down at the bottom and to the left.)
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Shinomori Aoshi
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