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 Dawn my female chara

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The sky was black that day, the water red with fresh blood. That way was forever etched in the back of a young lady’s mind as the day her land fell and she was left alone to wonder the country and planet without family or friends. The young lady rose from the ashes of her once proud and beautiful home and turned leaving all her memories and hopefully her pain behind her.

Her name was Dawn and she was the last remaining princess of a dead kingdom and world. Her father was king of the kingdom of Pearl and she had lived her life unlike most princess. She was extremely active around people and never shunned anyone no matter who or what they were. She had lived her live learning all she could and showed it everyday with her grace and her eyes. He is a skilled swordsman and a even more skilled archer and daggers user. She loves to hunt and take long walks. Animals to her are sacred creatures even though she hunts them she pays her respect and only hunts what is needed. Her laughter was that of bells and people would attempt to make her laugh just to hear it. At the age of 16 she started magic and knight training and graduated with highest honor in her classes. She was extremely smart and loved children of all ages, but things never seem to last.

At her 20 birthday the kingdom was pulled into a war that was seemingly unavoidable and slowly the kingdom rotted from the inside. She went slowly went inside of herself after the dead of her brother and soon her sister to a incurable disease. She soon stopped laughing and the kingdom mourned the loss of her laughter in the streets. After her 23 birthday suddenly the kingdom was ablaze and it burned to ashes. Dawn being the only survivor thanks to intense training.

She mourned the loss of her family and kingdom at the age of 23 and the very next she grabbed her bow and strapped on a bracelet that was the only heirloom of her sisters left a small red gem in the middle and turned her back forever on his past. She turned into somewhat of a dark person she never smiled nor showed much compassion to anyone even though she looked like a angel people called her the dark angel because of this and most of everyone avoided her for she scorned company and people. Her respect for animals remained though and she stayed in the forest most of the time killing off hunters and poachers protecting her only friends or so it seemed to her. Eventually she became a bounty hunter and throughout the land the girl with the sweetest red eyes was known as the fallen dark angel.

She wears a white shirt that was covered in a strange almost diamond like armor and short skirts to tease those around her. Her hair reach well to her waist and was held together on the back by a gem like orb that held it’s own powers incase of emergencies. She is proficient in swords and daggers, but prefers her bow over anything and will not hesitate to use it on anyone in her way. Her magic surpasses her teachers skills. Her only weakness is the fact she is human and that her past still haunted her no matter what she did to hide it. In a way her heart is as cold as ice.
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Dawn my female chara
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