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The wind blew fiercely along the grass of the plain lands. What little trees that did grow bent somewhat under the heavy force of the wind around the plains. The stars looked down from under the cover of dark clouds and in the shadows of the land creatures of the night stirred. One such creature was a wolf whose black coal like eyes with a slightly yellow ting to them sat on his hunches and looked up at the moon. He gave a howl and turned away back into the forest he had just left.

His name was Amoux and he wasn’t like any other of his kind. His fur was as black as the night and along his neck small yellow sparkles almost like stars scattered along his dark fur. His eyes were as black as coal, but along the edges of his pupils was a slight yellow line that flashed at times. On his back curved and fitted perfectly to his body was a set of silver wings. Hidden perfectly under his wings was a sword as black as his fur the handle was gold almost and ended in a silver like chain. Along the black blade written in a strange language it spelled out “The darkness that destroys the light* Mothra Fang Darkness. The exact opposite of his cousins blade. His elf form is similar to his cousins. He has long black hair that reach almost past his shoulders. His eyes are yellow with a black lining in this form and he wore a black tunic over a black t-shirt, as well as black pants. His boots barely made a sound just like his paws when he walked.

Amoux hailed from the dark mountains of Terrier, near the borders to Full Moon Lake forest. His family was dead, well most of it anyway. As a young wolf he traveled a lot and saw many wonders, but also many dark things that in the end put him in fear, yet at the same time made him stronger. As he reached maturity things changed his family was killed in a war with another pack and he not knowing where to go wandered for many years. He eventually found his way to Silver and his pack and since than has been living peacefully with them. After a while he got a bit restless from the lack of activity and started traveling again. Around this time his full powers came out and he experienced a near death. This is when he realized he was more than a wolf and started to understand why Silver kept calling them cousins. One dark night Amoux shook and shiver as the darkness over took him and he changed. He woke up to realize he wasn’t a wolf anymore instead he was something more. He was now part vampire and part elf though he had no idea why though he figured out after a while he was the same as Silver.

Since he was raised as a wolf he prefers his wolf form to his other forms. His powers are similar to Silver’s but he has control over the wind element though since he barely knows the power he prefers to use his sword and the power of the darkness which he inherited from his mother. His sword which is the direct opposite of Mothra Fang can summon darkness at will and when released he is covered in a dark black armor his wings taking on a more straight edge look and he gets much faster, though no where near as power as the light version of Mothra Fang it doesn’t take so much out of him. His weakness is the fact near magic he gets slower, though he always manages to win, he always manages to be near dead by round end. Like Silver he hates fighting and rather just stay in the shadows out of the way and out of mind.Amoux second main Blacka11
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Amoux second main
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