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 my toon crazy and kiba

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my toon crazy and kiba Empty
PostSubject: my toon crazy and kiba   my toon crazy and kiba Icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2009 2:26 pm

Age: Unknown
Power: Darkness Flame
Discritpion: He is a demon and a ex-captain of SS and does small jobs for them once in a while. he wears all black with a black trench coat that has a hood that hides his face from showing. hes a ex leader of TBF and Outlaws. Hes trech hides his demon wings. he carrys two kentanas. He has a baby dragon thats all black with red eyes named Shadow.

Power: Shard Caster
Discritpiton: He is a young kid form a place called calm. a city with no sky any more. He uses shards of elements(refering to the anime kiba)
He has 6 spirts he uses for battle. 1. Amil Gaoul 2. Pronimo 3. Sachira 4. Menardi 5. Jumamis 6. Shadin
(U can get waht they look like off of google or wisper me, Crazymilenko@yahoo.com)
He has white hair a yello shirt and black boots and pants. he has a red trech that is sleaveless on one arm. (Cn get his look on good crom the name zed in kiba)
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my toon crazy and kiba
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