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 Shinomori Hiro

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PostSubject: Shinomori Hiro   Shinomori Hiro Icon_minitimeWed Jul 22, 2009 1:14 pm

Name: Shinomori Hiro
Age: 1052 in vampire years looks 25 in human years
Race Japanese/vampire
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: Bo staff and the kempo
Vampiric abilities: able to walk up walls straight up, flight when angry, speed (given)
Vampiric element: Ice, wind, earth and fire all on being an elder
Bio: Shinomori Hiro was born in what was known as Edo long before it became Tokyo, the elder brother to Shinomori Shiyo, the younger brother was jealous of Hiro because what he was able to do. When Hiro was about only 300 years old, his wife was pregnant with twins, and somehow, he knew that the babies were boys to the daughter he had. So it was a good suprise to have sons after having a daughter he charished, after the death of his wife after the birth of his youngest son, Jin, he started to focus on providing for the family and the Oniwabanshu and raising his kids. He appreciated the help from the oldest three kids to look after the kids, then it came to the point of Aoshi after Takeda killing Hannya, Beshimi, Shikijo and Hyottoko right in front. He knew he couldn't understand the emotional pain his oldest son when through, but he was glad to see Aoshi home coming from Shishio's lair. Two years later, Aoshi was poisoned and Hiro knew the only way to save his son's life was to turn him into a vampire, a vampiress had lent Hiro a hand to save Aoshi's life. And a few months after that, Aoshi gave his father a granddaughter and a daughter-in-law by marrying Misao.
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Shinomori Hiro
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