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 My other main character Mitternacht

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My other main character Mitternacht Empty
PostSubject: My other main character Mitternacht   My other main character Mitternacht Icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2009 7:25 am

Mitternacht’s race is a Fallen Angel/Wolf Demon/Vampire. She is the dark side to Midnight. Mitternacht is also from the city Hell Born. Her age is the same as well 18-19 in human years. Her Wolf Demon years, however she is older than Midnight by 100 years which makes her 700. She is the same age in angel years however, 2000. And in vampire she ranges between 300-319. Mitternacht’s eye color is different than Midnights though like her brother Darcia’s. Right eye is blue, left eye is yellow. Unlike Darcia both her eyes are wolf eyes instead of one being human and the other wolf. Mitternacht usually wears all white. White long sleeve, with white pants and white combat boots or tennis hoes . Her fur color can change when she wants it to from black to deep purple. Mitternacht is the cruelest of my characters though she acts more like her brother Darcia than her sister Midnight. Her weapons of choice in all her forms are; Wolf: Fangs, and claws. Vampire: Fangs, claws and her Black Dragon Katanna. Fallen Angel: Wings, swords, throwing knives and bow and arrow. Human: Swords, and a bow and arrows.
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My other main character Mitternacht
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