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 Akira's Character

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PostSubject: Akira's Character   Akira's Character Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 12:17 am

First Name: Akira
Last Name:Hiozien
Age (apparent): 27
Age (accurate): ?
Height: 5ft 10in
Eyes: Silver
Race: Dragon/elf
Hair: Sky blue/Short
Immunization(s): Fire and Ice
Personality: Real out going. Willing to help anyone that helps themselves first. Real easy to get along with. Adorable. A lot of fun to have around.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Handedness: Right handed
Fighting Style: Shaolin, Judo, Tai Kwon doe, Mantis
Clothing Style:Gold and Onyx armor. (Gauntlets and shin guards only)
Family: Pack
Sexuality: Straight

Story: Akira Hiozen is a very unique individual. Her parents were of different races, one being of Dragonic descent and the other of Elven decent. This gave Akira the best of both worlds. There was a downside to this as well. Her parents were killed during the Evolution War or so we are led to believe. It was evident that her mother passed away before then. Perhaps giving birth to Akira. Times were rough back then for the young family. Her father was an Elite Commander of the Sodur of Solace brigade, which vanished in the heat of battle, leading us to conclude that they are all gone. With these events occurring, Akira was forced to reside amongst humans. Lucky for her they idolized the dragon race as gods. To be more specific in who took care of her was an older couple who did not have any kids of their own. All had either moved away or killed in the war. There names were Flynn and Joise Cobbler. Flynn was the temple keeper of the village. His wife was a stay at home mom. She reared Akira the same way she raised her own, treating her no differently. She was stern with her and expected obedience to the fullest. At first it was rather easy when Akira was young, but when it came to the teen years, as do most children, she became rather bothersome and hard to maintain. This phased lasted for about 4 years. As time went on, the war became more fierce in other parts of the region. Not to mention the whereabouts of Akira's parents plagued her mind. The people of the village chipped in and taught her the ways of the monk. She learned how to use a staff, martial art skills such as the mantis and judo. Along with learning new skills she learned of the natural born skills that she had. The abilities of the dragon and of the elf. With the elf she had the gift of using magic from within her. With the dragon she had the gift of flight and element control. She used all the skills she had learned even those that had been hidden deep within her to go further in life. In search of things from her past that were only a faded memory. She lacked who she really was, and even more so who her parents were. Oh, how she had wished that she knew, but she never gave up the hope of finding them. Even after meeting the leader of the Radiantsilvermoon and becoming the Alpha deep down inside she knew that even one day she would finally truly know everything that rested in the back of her mind even a bit of truth that a demon may dwell deep inside of her.[img][/img]
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Akira's Character
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