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 My main Character Midnight

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PostSubject: My main Character Midnight   My main Character Midnight Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 10:49 am

Midnight’s race is a Fallen Angel/Wolf - Hanyou/Demon/Vampire, she is a flying wolf Shifter, from the city of Hell Born. Her age is between 18-19 in human years but is 600 in Wolf - Hanyou and Demon years and in Angel she‘s about 2000. Her eyes are Sapphire Blue but can change to any color she pleases. Her height is about 5foot 8inches. Her weight is always between 110-115pounds for speed. She usually wears all black including a black trench coat, black T-shirt or belly shirt, Black chained jeans, and black combat boots. Her hair changes color according to weather and daytime. She lives with two of her step vampire brothers Kiles and Edward, and her only real brother Cloud Tsubasa, she is the opposite of him, wears completely black instead of white and black, though her attitude is a lot like him, stubborn and cruel yet calm and peaceful. Midnight has several forms, though her main are the Phoenix, Wolf, Unicorn, and Giant Golden Eagle.

Her gifts are; Speed, Sight, Hearing, Flight, and Smelling,
Below will describe them.

Her speed is unseen to the any eye. She can move almost like she is teleporting from one place to another but she’s actually running.

Her sight is a unique thing. She is able to see your move and attack before you even make it, and can counter before you can attack or attempt to. She can also see anyone who runs either as fast as her or even faster.

Her hearing is incredible. She can hear you coming even if your footsteps can’t be herd by the human ear, she can feel it and hear it, almost as if she is one with nature.

Her ability to fly is one of her favorite things to do, she can go at speeds unknown while in the sky.

Her smell. It can pick up the sent of blood and other things about five miles away. Though her sense of smell is not to take lightly.

Midnight’s weapons in battle: Midnight has many weapons: The Scythe of Death; The Sword of Light; The Sword of Darkness, and daggers hidden around her body, ankles and wrist. She can also use her tail, claws, and her black wings. She also has a black Bow with Black crow feathered arrows

*NOTE* She is an archer, master hunter with a bow and arrow
*ALSO NOTE* She is mated with Silver
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My main Character Midnight
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