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 Nightclaw my vampire

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PostSubject: Nightclaw my vampire   Nightclaw my vampire Icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 4:15 pm

The sky darkened as the sun slowly started to set over the horizon, the stars showing brightly in the clear night. As the night moved progressed a shadow of a figure walked past the nearby village his eyes that of the darkest night, but showed a inner kindness that seemed to radiate from his very being. The figure approached the village and sighed as he moved through it his orange hair seem to reflect off the moonlight his skin as pale as the moon itself. He paused for a second and looked about his black coat swirled around him as he opened his mouth to take a breath, his fangs showing for a few seconds. He started walking again his boot clicking off the ground. He left the village and looked toward the moon thinking of his past and his family. He continued walking along the dirt road for a while as the moon started to sink his sword clicked against his belt has he kept walking not going anywhere nor planning on stopping just going in one direction trying to escape the past and the pain of it.

His name was Saeran Nightclaw and he was a pure blood vampire whose past is that of darkness. When he was young he was born into a vampire clan based on violence and destruction. The clan was eventually destroyed, but he survived by hiding out in the forest his sword soaked in the blood of his own clan and that of his enemies. After escaping from them he started walking and walking hoping to leave his past behind him at all cost. One day while exploring he found a old cave inside sat the head of a ancient dragon inside the skull a red ruby sat. He took the ruby curious to know what it was and why it was in the skull of a dragon. The ruby glowed as he lifted it and his body glowed as he blacked out suddenly. When he woke the ruby was gone, but his body felt different almost as if he was faster and stronger and he noticed he no longer felt the need to feed and his eyes now took on a dark black color with a slight red tang to it. His hair also took on a bright orange color. Since than he has been traveling to find out what exactly had happen to him.

He is more than just a vampire his powers range from between a dragons and his own vampire bloodline. As the last surviving member of his clan he is constantly on the move trying to keep ahead of his past and no longer fights, but rather shows kindness to all he meets even those who try to kill him. He is also very shy and tries to stay out of the way as much as possible and doesn’t like to cause trouble. His sword the relic of ancient times was passed down to him by his father and the blade is a black color the hilt black with red interlace and has untapped power that is linked directly to his hidden bloodline.

He no longer remembers his clan name after years of trying to forget. He goes by Nightclaw and is currently single, but hopes one day that will change. While he doesn’t like to fight he can fight with the best of them using his sword with expert handling that would match a elf blow from blow. He is a kind person, but his fighting skills show a darker side of his personality.
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Nightclaw my vampire
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